Sunday, May 29, 2011

4th time use

I have found the secret.  These things are awesome!!! Its so hard not to go longer and longer each time because even though the effort taxes you because there is no pressure on the joints you feel like you can go on and on. Craig makes other models for other things.  Oh I forgot to tell everyone what he calls these devices.  LOBOS... Lower Bodyoars.  He make other models called RAMBOS: Rapid Ass Movement Bodyoars and UBOS: Upper Bodyoars.  I want them all.  I am extremely convinced his invention can help loads and loads of people.  He designed them for police and firemen who by virtue of having to carry equipment around their waists all the time they wear out their backs and other joints.  But I am telling you this would be good for anyone who wants to stay in shape.  If you are heavy like I am and running kills you or if you are disabled in some way then this is your answer.  The water displaces you weight and allows you to move at your own pace using water resistance, which by far is the best way to build up.  Its your joints that wear out first, not your muscles. Now I want to do this everyday and I have the energy for it.  Weather permitting of course....LOL.  Tonight was a great workout.  I look forward to tomorrow.  Time to eat some fruit and hit netflix.  To all my Cop colleagues.  You should consider these.  It will save your back and body.  To all my other friends as well.  This is well worth the investment.  I hope in the days to come I can display a difference in me.  Right now I can only tell you about this.  

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